Learning Animals with Johny and Friends – LooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes

Let’s learn animal sounds here at LooLoo KIDS .Children, do you know the names of animals? What animal sounds do you know? Listen to one of our best animal rhymes, watch one of our newest kids songs and find out.📢Download our music app: 📢Listen on SPOTIFY –

Learning and education are very important for babies and toddlers, but, when playing and learning at the same time, counting will be more easy! Repetitive lyrics and fun rhythm will help preschool kids memorize better, a solid learning method, with proved efficiency in Pre-K and kindergarten.

00:00 Animal Sounds
02:16 Baa Baa Black Sheep
04:00 The Little Sailor Dance
06:43 Samba Dance
08:32 Bingo
10:24 ChooCHooWah

🎮New game with Johny and Friends –

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Animal Sounds Lyrics 📄

What do you see?
I see a mouse – squeak, squeak, squeak

What do you see?
I see a cat – meow, meow, meow

What do you see?
I see a dog – woof, woof, woof

What do you see?
I see a horse – neigh, neigh, neigh

What do you see?
I see a sheep – baa, baa, baa

What do you see?
I see a pig – oink, oink, oink

What do you see?
I see a chicken – cluck, cluck, cluck

What do you see?
I see a duck – quack, quack, quack

What do you see?
I see a frog – ribbit, ribbit, ribbit

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Learning Animals with Johny and Friends – LooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes

LooLoo KIDS is all about the kids! The best English learning lessons for kids are now the Musical Adventures of Johnny & Friends. They sing, dance and learn while having a lot of fun.

Fun children songs and classic nursery rhymes are once again the perfect occasion for wonderful adventures, full of entertaining and funny events, an ideal opportunity for kids to learn about our diverse world, about animals, the alphabet and, most importantly, about their emotions and feelings, about the power of friendship and the significance of kindness.

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